Wall cleanups

Hi guys, just had a suggestion re: walls and how they connect together.

As you know where two walls meet they are generally diagonally mitred if the top of wall is to remain consistent. Where there is the need to raise a wall above another though for say a gable end of parapet I think you might think about including a ‘wall cleanup’ tool for butting one wall into the other. [like this]



This way whether a wall needs to angles to follow a gable or skillion or if it has to raise above the roof as a parapet the wall junction is cleaned up.

Just a thought.

Hey Andrew,

Would it possible to include a screenshot of your model so that we can get a better understanding of the situation with your model?


I don’t have PlusSpec loaded here at work, Aryan [only home] but here’s a quick SU mock up for you.

I think what Andrewc is showing here makes sense. This way if you edit the wall you are not left with an unusable corner. Modifications are simpler too.


Hi Guys,

youtube.com/watch?v=nnrQhuj … e=youtu.be

Here’s a video with more information regarding creating Skillion / Sloped Roofs in SketchUp using PlusSpec :slight_smile:



Thanks Daniel, its great to be able to do these roofs now!!!

My question still stands though; how can we clean up corners to show as they would be built in the real world in this situation?

Daniel, can you come back to me with some comments on this question?

Hey Andrew,

Couldn’t you just draw two separate walls, without "joining them together? Wouldn’t that prevent the 45° angle from being generated?

Split the wall or draw a rectangle. I have done a quick video that shows 3 methods of doing this.

looking at your second drawing, I am not exactly sure what the problem is, can you draw it in PlusSpec so I can see the problem? Is it the texture on the end of the wall?
or is this what you are talking about..jpg

Thanks guys, I think I have it after seeing your suggestions. What I wanted to do is grade the wall in live with the roof pitch. Just had to convert the wall to a gable!!!



Ahhh, now I understand. No problems mate. Don’t forget to change the wall type back to standard when you draw your next lot of walls. PlusSpec remembers the last move. If you do do this it is easy to fix. Select one wall > right click > select connected walls > right click, edit wall. > change wall type.
Hope that helps.

got it, ta!

Tip, draw all your walls as standard, if your walls create a loop you can right click > select connected walls > right click & select create roof form walls.
once the roof has been created you can then go and change you walls to gables or you can use the :redefine-wall: tool and do it manually. This will save you hours of time once you get the hang of it.
To create a gable after drawing with :roof-tool3: simply select the roof then :roof-pitch-tool: > this will create a gable on that section of roof.
I can do a video if that helps? Here is one I did previously:


Hi Andrew,

How did you draw the return in previous image that you posted?


@dp, me [Andrew] or Andrew D?

If you’re referring to me I just drew the walls then edited it after by converting the wall to a left gable from the Construction mode dropdown…

Hi Andrew,

How did you insert the return/end to the double brick cavity wall, shown in your screenshot?



Hi Andrew. Apologies for the confusion. I meant it for PlusSpec Andrew.



I used the single brick wall and drew a u shaped wall :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,

Would it be possible to choose a wall that wont be connected to another, and change its attributes to have a return - or to have an end piece (if that makes sense)?

I notice for example, that if you draw an interior wall (unconnected) - it does not define the edges with lines. Therefore, in sections and elevations, the wall can be invisible.