"the takeoff has encountered a problem and couldn't generate"


Hi Bostonalchemist, Welcome; when you get a minute, can you update your bio showing MAC/PC and the version used? You can get the version from the :grey_question: in the Plusspec Toolbar

Ok, I have seen the “Takeoof has encountered a problem” pop up before. It is strange; it would be good to get a copy of the model so we can diagnose and update or comment more accurately. Can you either email it to us or attache dit here?
Here is how to move forward with an estimate

  1. right-click on a wall and then go to + TAKEOFF and choose selection only
  2. You will find the BOQ opens
  3. You can now click and select multiple items using shift an then right click takeoff selection. I use this to help me break down estimate sin to bite sized chunks yet it is also good to isolate items that may have an error in the. It could be as simple as you have added a character to and item EG $%^&*() that is stopping the BOQ from generating