Encoparating Overheads

Hi, Dose anyone know if there is away to encoparate your overheads into your take off?

I’d set up a category “manual qty & prelim”, listing all the different overheads. The annual overhead amount could be in the “price supply”. Then for any job, depending on the job duration, put in a fraction in “size/amount” field. e.g. if your job takes half a year, just put in “0.5”.

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Yes, the best way to do this is to include overheads inside the estimate using the “Manual QTY+Prelim” icon.

I will copy and paste typical builders’ “overhead” below, yet every business is different, so you need to look at your cost to run your business per year and divide it by the number of weeks you work per year and add this into the manual quantities section in the BOQ. The cost to run your business is typically called the “overhead” Eg if you have a work car, the cost to pay for the car + the fuel+ the insurace+ the maintenance

For every architect, builder, carpenter, or subcontractor here, you really should incorporate your overheads into every job. Some increase their hourly rate to compensate for overhead, yet it is risky, and there are faster, better, and more accurate ways to do it inside PlusDesignBuild. I will make a video when I get a moment, but here are the basic instructions.

  1. Open the Takeoff tool by clicking :takeoff_tool: It will look like this if you have no geometry in your model
    Blank BOQ inside PlusDesignBuild
  2. Click the “manual QTY” button
  3. Click Output Template (quantity =0) and fill in the excel sheet with your over heads
  4. Clik import template
  5. Open the overhead category
    I ran out of time sorry I will finish this later
    @user20 if you are on Facebook, I help a lot of Carpenters in a group, you may have to join the group to see the video, here is the link to the video Facebook video on overheads

You should be able to copy the following text into a blank Excel file and, save it as a CSV, and import it into the BOQ

Active Section/Category Name Description Quantity UOM Supply Price Vendor Cost Code
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Administration and staff Bookkeeper $200/wk_accountant [2500/yr $50/wk] 250
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Company vehicle Ranger Per week equals 30k per year divided by 52wks EA 577
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Electricty Office battery charge etc 50
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Fuel Avergae cost per week EA 125
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Insurances & Licensing 6700 per year 130
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Maintenance tools and vehicle oil sharpening charging cleaning 50
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Marketing Time on FB and insta promoting business_ Shirts and signs 100
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Office space & computers Office space rent $150 /wk_ Computers [6k over 3 years $40 per week] 190
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Power and Hand tools Total Value 60k average life span equals 3 years =20k per year 385
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Quoting Bookwork quoting ordering materials 200
Yes 1 Overheads_Cost to run business Special tools Maintenance as charged per use at Kennards rate 35

I hope that helps, mate. Also, check out Grammarly. I use it because I am a terrible typer, and it fixes most of my spelling mistakes. It can also be used on your phone. I think it is around $10 per month, and there is a free version. Google “Grammarly” as your quotes must be as professional as possible.