Aluminum doors and frames

How do you accurately create an aluminum and glass swinging door with an aluminum frame, even if I select commercial it does not represent this.
I cannot find where to adjust the door jam thickness to represent an aluminum component.
Aluminum doors and frames are used in both commercial and residential applications This is very frustrating when creating brick veneer or double brick structures as you need to take into account the door with the varying frame widths.

Hi Lionel,

There currently isn’t an option to adjust the jamb thickness, but I’ll take this back to the development team for further discussion. However, there is a way to achieve the result your are after, which I’ve explained below (see image for more details).

  1. Use the None option in the Door Tool to create the opening through the wall & allow for the door width & jamb thicknesses.
  2. Use the Custom Door Tool to draw the desired door type in the model at the door width. This way you’ll still get a door estimate. Tip: It may be easier to draw the door away from the wall & move it into place.
  3. Click into the custom door component & delete the reveal (there may be two that need deleting so check hidden tags/layers). Note: If it’s the first instance of that door type in the model make sure to make the component(s) unique so that this change doesn’t affect future components.
  4. Manually draw in the jamb at the desired sizes, make it a group & align it with the wall & custom door.

Please note that the residential & commercial options are there to change the estimation information so that different prices & recipes can be used for each in the takeoff.

hi Grant this is not a very flexible work around on a large project and I am unable to make a custom door unique.
Think I will give this option a miss in case it corrupts other frames in the model.