Wrong Version of PlusSpec?

I am in the US and just purchased PlusSpec. It is Version 16.3.7. The tutorials on components are different
from what I have and show on screen.

  • Why are all of the steel shapes in metric and none in imperial for US?
  • When I check to show weights, nothing is displayed. What version was used in the tutorial which shows a diagram of the beam and the weight?
  • Why does my component dialog say "Edit Component BETA? Is this a beta version?
  • Do I have the incorrect version? When I registered I stated I was in the US.

Component Tool.png

Hi cpidutti,

Thank you for your post.

In the next version of PlusSpec there will be a tool which will allow you to place and specify steel beams with sizes from the US and also give you the ability to create your own sizes.

The steel weight should be shown by default and appear in the takeoff (hollow sections don’t have a weight assigned to them at the moment but will be updated in the next version). If the weight isn’t appearing check the Edit Component dialog and make sure ‘Yes’ is selected in the ‘Show Weight’ field (see image below for more details). Please note that this dialog may appear behind the Component Tool dialog so one of the dialogs may need to be moved.

Show Weight.png

The reason states BETA at the top as it was the first release of that tool and he hadn’t changed it. It will be changed in the next version.

You are using the correct version as everyone gets the same options in the Component Tool at the moment. We are currently working on expanding the options that are available here.

I would be happy to assist you if you have any further enquiries.