Working with Autocad or Revit

Plus Spec seems a great package IF you use layout. But as I see it, would lose half of its benefits when exporting to other drafting software. Is anyone using Plus Spec in an Architectural office along with Autocad / Revit / Archicad and can suggest a good work flow?

I have tried working with SU Layout for construction plans and don’t feel it. Functionality is getting better, but to me just doesn’t compare to the likes of Autocad.
I really want to be able to include Plus Spec into my work flow but can’t see it being the full package unless I use Layout. Am I wrong? (you can call me wrong I wont get offended :slight_smile:

Hi holmes1977,

Quite a few of our customers are using PlusSpec and then AutoCad to output the 2D drawings/documentation.

Of course, we recommend Layout - as this maintains an actual link with your model. Layout takes a while to get used to, as the workflow and ‘mentality’ is different to traditional drafting packages.

However, if you get to the documentation stage, we do not see anything wrong with you outputting your PlusSpec scenes into AutoCAD to prepare your final documentation sets. We believe that it is only good for this stage of the design, as this is where only minor changes are typically being made.

To summarise: We would recommend that you use Layout for Schematic/Concept, through to Design Development/Approval. Once you progress to final documentation phase, you can easily and efficiently output your drawings from PlusSpec into AutoCad, and then complete as required.

We hope this helps.

However, once you get used to the PlusSpec for SketchUp to AutoCad process, you may prefer to transfer your model into AutoCad earlier on in the process.

The choice is yours.

As with all software packages workflow is generally a personal choice or is driven by past practices. Often users are not willing to invest effort in trying alternatives as initially new territory can be a little time consuming.

The opposite of this is that sometimes not trying the alternatives mean you miss an opportunity to expand your toolbox… “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

After many years of other options, all my recent and current architectural projects are now fully within the Sketchup/Layout workflow. I find the flexibility, seamless ease of use and the continual link/update between Sketchup model and Layout documentation extremely beneficial and a time efficient solution.

The addition of PlusSpec to this workflow has been invaluable. And one of the great, often unsung benefits, is the talented team behind PlusSpec and their willingness to listen and incorporate user ideas and suggestions in their continuously evolving solution.


I only use Sketchup pro and layout for 2d as is pretty easy and the model stays connected to the layout file. I have been playing with the ifc export with associates using Revit as Plusspec automates the classification. Drew was a Revit user so he can probably fill you in more on the pros and cons. I do know that you can export 2d dwgs and import them to most cad programs from Sketchup Pro.
Id be interested in hearing your thoughts. File Export. 2d graphic and then select dwg from the drop down.
You can also create a model in plusspec and then file expert IFC. Save the file to a location and import.
You can also export 3d dwg similar to 2d dwg.
As we all know the are hundreds of ways to collaborate, however I think that IFC holds the key to cross platform usage. There is still work to do and I forward to presenting better solutions as we move forward.
I’m not sure if you guys can make Sketchup basecamp in Steamboat Springs Colorado June 2016?
Drew and I will be there demonstrating plusspec and showing off some of the cool new things that are about to be released in the next version.

Thank you so much for your replies. Very very helpful. I think I will jump aboard just need to wait for a nice small job to start the learning process. I’ll give layout another go. One hurdle I see is that i work almost 50/50 from 2 different computers. My office desktop and at home on my laptop. Seem super steep to purchase 2 copies. Im just a one man band.