Hi Guys,

Got a suggestion for a window and door type,
I know there is the corner window in the components tool and thinking about it you could use it as both a window and a door but it would be really cool if there was an option to open and close it like other doors and windows. also if it behaved similar to a door or window. have a look at the trend windows and doors for revit they have a corner window and door option that looks pretty good. both a stacker and sliding, internal and external corners.

Also is there a way to re brand a window or door in PlusSpec, example change the brand from generic to A&L windows or Generic door to Corithian door.

and loving the scaffolding!!!

Hi Myles,

Thank you for your post and the suggestions.

I have taken your suggestions back to the development team for further discussion

Currently there isn’t a way to re-brand the windows and doors in the dialogs but you can edit a field in the takeoff report (see image below for more details). Please note that I would strongly recommend to only do this for the last takeoff as it won’t retain the changes. Alternatively you can also export the data and edit it Excel or similar software.

PlusSpec Takeoff Editable Fields.jpg
Glad you’re loving it :smiley:


Looking for the same. Thanks for sharing this buddy. [size=5]HVAC Tool Bag[/size]