Windows - recalling previous

Hi fellas [and sheilas],

When we input a certain window type [I don’t know about others], but I tend to go around and insert all 'like components together. I’ve found that the window dialogue box for both ‘Window Class’ and ‘Architrave’ don’t recall your previous selection… any chance of having a look at that for me?

See screenshot attached. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Andrew,

If you factory reset PlusSpec this will be fixed. It is because you are a user for over a year. A factory reset will not remove anything that you currently use and it is healthy for your system. Follow steps below on how to do this.

  1. Go to ‘Extensions’ (Up the top between ‘Window’ and ‘Help’)
  2. Go down to ‘PlusSpec’
  3. Go to the last option called ‘Reset Factory Default’
  4. Close SketchUp
  5. Open SketchUp and your all good to go.

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Cheers, Dean!

All good Andrew.

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Dean, I reset as you said to do but the Attributes drop-down [architraves particularly] does recall previous…

I am finding the same:
Frame Type: NOT remembered
Class: NOT remembered
Attributes-Architrave: NOT remembered
Attributes-Frame Width: NOT remembered

I did a factory reset
I assume the previous poster meant ‘doesn’t recall’ as that is what I am experiencing

PlusSpec is only extension installed
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB
MAC, OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite)
Sketchup Pro 2015.

Hi Guys,

This is fixed for the next version. Sorry that it is not in the current version.

Thank you for the post.

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Is that fix for PlusSpec 2016 or an update to 2015 ?

It is in the next update for PlusSpec 2015

hi guys, just wondering when this issues will be fixed?

I still find that when inserting windows the dialogue box for both ‘Window Class’ and ‘Architrave’ don’t recall your previous selection. Always defaults to ‘Commercial’ and ‘One side only’ respectively…
Gets really cumbersome when inserting multiple of the same window.

Hi fellas, I note that in 2017 this issue of 'recalling previous selection is not fixed yet. You’ll see back thru this post that it had intended to be done but we still have to set particular attributes each time we insert a door or window…

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reminding us about this. I will pass it onto the development team now for further discussion.


Hi guy, just following up on this one as it’s a real pain in the ^%$%^%!!


When I want to insert window I generally have a system of going through doing all the doors then all the windows… within that I will chose to insert all the same size doors in one as with the windows. This is why I think the Window /Door dialogue box should recall what your previous selection was; it really frustrating to have to reset each insertion whether you want to show architraves each side for instance!!

Andrew, we did this and we removed it, because users complained about the flip side. If you add an architrave to on sides of a door and it remembers on an external wall and then you add a door on an internal wall it is easy to forget this was done unfortuantely there are more internal doors than external doors that have architraves 2 sides so we need to make it the same. The majority of doors have architraves 2 sides and the majority of windows have architraves one side. It is a swings and round about conundrum mate. I hope it’s not a deal breaker, Understand your frustration yet I assume you would be equally frustrated if by mistake all of your internal doors only had one architrave? I would be interested in hearing if any body else agrees with Andrew C, it’s a 10-minute change yet we have to work in majority rules scenario. :wink:

Im still having issues with this. I did the factory reset again today, and it does seem that the the settings are remembered if you edit a window. but the settings are not remembered as a default if you go to make new windows.
If this is by design, What is the logic of adding architraves if all the previous windows i created didn’t use architraves?

Biggest frustration is that i often forget this, and so ill make some new windows which get the architrave setting turned on without me knowing, and bam, i gotta go edit all those windows again

Good Day Jwhida,

Thanks for your post.

Could I please get you to go Extensions > PlusSpec > Settings and change the ‘Architrave/Casing Options’ field to "from last input’ ? This will remember your last selection when drawing (not editing) a window or door. Any windows or doors drawn in the model before this was changed (feature of v18.4) will need to be redrawn/edited, but the option will remember for the future after that.

Could you please try this and let me know how it goes?

Thanks and have a great day.

Hi Zach,
I just realised there is a new setting to address this user preference, and was going to post back on the forum to inform other posters, and there i find you are recommending i do just as i discovered. I have switched ‘Architrave/Casing Options’ to ‘From last input’. I’ll probably just test this on new work. This is definitely my preference for certain types of build i work on. very happy to see this area of window editing and default preferences now suiting my workflow.

These issues have all been fixed in the 18 release way back when. Are they still happening? before you respond can you make sure you have the latest version. Thanks