Windows in skillion walls

Can anyone advise me as to a method to place windows in the upper section of a wall defined using the skillion setting?

It seems I am limited to only put windows below the wall height value, which in the case of a skillion wall type is the height of the lower end of the angled wall top.
See picture for clarification. I want to put windows where the blue squares are.

Also note the windows above the glass doors on the other side. I had to make a wall on top of another wall to do that (which will mess up the frame of course), but that technique wont work in this case, as far as i understand. I’d like to know how to do that as one wall too ! This post could alternatively be named ‘how do i make multiple rows of openings stacked vertically’

I look forward to being enlightened


I have replied to a forum post before that is very similar to this. The link is below.

Link - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=447&p=1424&hilit=windows+in+skillion#p1424

The main difference is that you are using normal PlusSpec windows. Before reading the post above see below.

  1. Go to your Window Redefine Tool - :-opening-redefine-tool:
  2. Select the window you would like to move
  3. 4 Blue dots will appear and a red x in the middle.
  4. Click on the red x and it will turn into a red square. Now click again anywhere.
  5. You will notice a blue outline moving around with your cursor. Move your cursor to where you would like your window to be placed.

Now you can move onto the link and start from step 2.

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Thanks Dean

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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