Windows / doors - levels of detail

Hi guys, following on from a conversation I had with AD and Grant a few weeks ago while I was in Sydney.

As a designer who takes particular interest in communicating my documentation as ‘architecturally true’ as I can, I am keen to see PlusSpec give users the ability to toggle the visibility of detail in components as required for each drawing scale. For example, at scales of 1:100 and higher [1:200. 1:500, 1:1000, etc] windows and doors don’t need detail such as reveals, stops, furniture to be shown as they mess with the clarity of a drawing. However, at scales of 1:50 and lower which are used for more detailed communication such as sections, details, it is fine to shown them as they are.

I have for a number of years used a program called, Spirit Architecture’ which is an offshoot of DataCAD which also adopts this mentality of putting the option back in the hands of the user to represent graphics as they wish.

I found this plugin over the weekend that have implemented levels of detail into their work; take particular notice of the video from 1:50 minute onward and you’ll see what I mean.

If something like this was implemented into PlusSpec, I really believe you will get get those traditionalists excited!

Hi Andrew,

I have just watched the video and can understand why architects would like to have functionality like this available in PlusSpec. I will talk to Grant and Andrew about where you guys left off in your last conversation regarding this and I will find there thoughts and ideas. I will get back to you with an email regarding this forum topic.

Enjoy using PlusSpec :slight_smile:
Kind Regards

Thanks for the quick response, Dean. Speak soon.