I am having issues removing windows and editing the windows in a model we are working on. Is there any reason the existing build would not let me edit or change the existing windows? I am able to create an entirely new wall and add and edit those windows but the existing windows are not allowing me to change them. This model I received from a coworker and I’m making edits to it. (sent across to Tyler) - from Cory C

Hi Tyler,

I’m not able to replicate the issue so I’m not sure what the cause is. However, I would suggest trying each of the following & see if that fixes their issue.

  1. The walls may need updating. To do this, go to ‘Extensions > PlusSpec > Wall Tools > Redraw Walls (All)’ & it’ll redraw all the walls in your model.
  2. It may be due to conflicting extensions. To check this, go to the Extensions Manager, then disable all other extensions except PlusSpec & the ones that come with SketchUp.

It sounds like the walls have been drawn as existing and therefore locked, and it sounds like the user is trying to use Sketchup to edit the wall and not the PlusSpec Plugin & window editing tools. Cory, if you want to use Sketchup instead of the tools, you need to unlock the wall by right-clicking it and selecting unlock.

In some instances, a window was drawn in a previous version of PlusSpec, and Grant’s answer is correct;

I can also recommend going to Extensions (at the top of Sketchup) >PlusSpec> Reset factory defaults

The correct way to remove or edit window types in PlusSpec, PlusDesignBuild or PlusArchitect is by using the following instruction.

  1. Select wall the wall using the space bar
  2. click the window icon in the PlusSpec toolbar :window-tool:
  3. Click the remover:opening-remove: :opening-remove:
  4. Click on the window you want to remove.

NOTE: if you want to keep the opening but remove the window

  1. Select wall the wall using the space bar
  2. click the window icon in the PlusSpec toolbar :window-tool: and choose :opening-options: or right-click the wall and choose +Windows>edit window
  3. Click the “none” icon on the bottom right of the window type selection
  4. Click on the window you want to edit. The window is now removed, and the opening is still present.

Cory, video instructions are built into every PlusSpec version. Click on the orange question mark at the top of each tool dialog. This will get you up and running quicker.