Window timber bug

Hi everyone,

To start of with I am using a mac running the latest version of both sketch pro and pluspec. I have an old pluspec drawing that I completed in the previous version of pluspec and since then I have recently updated to the latest 2016 version only a month or so ago. Just today I removed a window from a wall in order to allow me to put a different sized window back in its place. An issue arose when I tried to put the new window back in the wall. Pluspec was telling me that I hadn’t chosen any timber sizes to go above the window as a head. I discovered that I am unable to access any of the pre loaded pluspec timber sizes and any other ones that I have made myself, this inevitably stops me from being able to install the window in the wall. does any one have any suggestions as to what might help? thanks

Hi Dperrem,

Recently we updated our timbers and header options so that the Window and Door Tools would have more options. All you will need to do is sync your materials using our Sync Tool and everything will be working again.

We post the information about each update on our website and also on our blog. If you would like to keep track of what’s in each release, I’ve put the links to these below.

Website -
Blog -