Window Strategy

I’ve got a half round window to put over a pair of matching french doors with mullions and centred in a gable. To get this working with Plusspec tools would be mixing up the door and window tools.

I’ll model the half round window in Sketchup this time and BIM it later but is it possible with Plusspec?

What version are you using PlusSpec Pro, PlusArchitect or PluDesignBuild?
PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect have a custom window tool.
Add arch top door to wall in PlusDesignBuild PlusArchitect.jpg
Here is how to add a custom window or door with an arch window on top in PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild. Note you can use the window tool and choose "an arch window and delete it ", and your wall will now have an opening so you can add your custom door to.

  1. click the window icon :window-tool:
  2. Select the 5th icon under move Window See image
  3. Select “switch to custom door tool” if you don’t have it selected it
  4. Select the door type you want to use Note: if you hover over the image, it will tell you the name
  5. Click Submit
  6. left click a point inside Sketchup where you want your door to be placed (Note the door/window will be drawn from the centre of the Jamb)
  7. select the second point (or type in a measurement and push enter on your keyboard). Your door will now be drawn.
  8. Click the “Switch to Custom Window Tool” at the top of the dialog.
  9. Select the arch window
  10. type in an overall height
  11. Type in the radius of the arch Window
  12. click the centre of the door jamb
  13. Click the end of the door you want your arch to finish; your arch will now be drawn in 3D.
  14. It is a good idea to group the door and arch window and then select the wall and arch door group, right-click the wall, and select “+Add Object to Wall”. This way, your wall will remember it has a door in it.
    Add arch top door to wall in PlusDesignBuild PlusArchitect.jpg
    Adding an arch window over a door in PlusDesignBuild or PlusArhcitect.jpg