Window schedule

HI Guys,

Can you please advise on the best way to complete a window schedule? Maybe a tutorial?

I know you can use the information from the take off tool, however it becomes time consuming to label each individual window.

And the best way to label them? I have found that the 3D text tool can get “'lost”’ if you place it above where the section cut has been created on the floor plan.

Meaning you then have to relocate it to below the cut for it to show on a floor plan. This again becomes time consuming.

Is there an easier way to create a window schedule?



Hi Guys,

In relation to my previous question, is it possible for Plusspec to add a number to every newly created door/window, and then this would be co-ordinated with the take off?

So essentially when a door is created it would also display its number? Even if it only showed this information in the window schedule scene?

Not sure if this is possible, but a little feedback on your thoughts? Or indeed the process you guys use to create a window schedule would be awesome.

Thanks again guys loving the program.


Hi Jackett007,

Have you tried using layout? layout is an add on to SketchUp Pro. Layout is the best way to draw up plans and add text.

If you only have SketchUp Make and not SketchUp Pro I would look into getting Layout but if your not interested, than the best way is to use 3D text for the moment. I know that it is time consuming but its the next best way for now.

For your other question, yes there may be a numbered window process for the takeoff coming but i couldn’t tell you when or if 100%. we have a similar idea to yours but there are other more important areas we must complete first. Thank you for your idea and interest in improving the software.

I hope these answers are what you are after and you should look into using Layout.

Thank You and kind regards