Window redefine tool


I have been learning the window tool. I was following the video tutorial on the redefining tool to move a window. Upon selecting the window, > then the window redefine tool, I went back to left click on the window and I pressed the “home” key as it was in the video but nothing happened.

I tired the same with the door redefining tool for a new door, the same result.

I am using a PC.



Hi Tom,

Thank you for your post.

After selecting the window or door you wish to move do five nodes (four around the outside and one in the middle) appear on the window? Once these nodes appear press the HOME key (which is the same as selecting the middle node) and click once to start the move then move the cursor and click again to confirm the direction and distance of the move.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you or if these were the steps you were taking?

Thanks Grant,

I keep on selecting the windows within the entire group of wall assembly, that’s why I couldn’t preform the task.


That’s ok Tom, I’m happy to hear that everything is working for you again.

It’s important to remember that whenever you group PlusSpec entities inside of a group or component that you won’t be able to edit the entities as you normally would. To do so you’ll need to go inside of the group or component and then you can use the tools as you normally would.