Window: Problem with Remove Window


if I select the “Remove Window” tool and click at a window nothing happens. I am using PlusSpec in Germany with the metric system. Is this maybe the problem?

Thank you for your support!


Hi Christian,

Thank you for your post.

There shouldn’t be any issue with what you’ve mentioned and I’ve tried to replicate but wasn’t able to.

I have a couple of quick questions to help us locate the issue:

  1. Does this happen for all the windows in your model?
  2. Does this happen in other models or just in your current one (i.e. if you open a new model can you replicate the issue)?
  3. Has the wall(s) been exploded where the window(s) are located?
  4. Does a message appear in the Ruby Console (go to Window > Ruby Console) when you replicate the issue? Please note that the Ruby Console must be open before you try to replicate the issue otherwise a message won’t appear.

If anything appears in the Ruby Console, can you please copy and paste the message across to so we can have a further look into it?