Window Issues & some constructive criticism

Slowly coming to grips with PlusSpec.
Quite enjoyable to use in so many ways.

I do have a couple issues with it however.

When I place a couple windows in a wall the glass in the previous added window changes to white. How do I stop this from happening?

The window tool doesn’t keep all the previous selections, architraves reverts back to one side only for example but the window height stays. While only a minor niggle as we are being spoilt with a great plugin, I guess there still is a legit reason for this?

Rather than using Layout for adding hatching on a floor plan the option to add textures or colours in Sketchup would be great. I used to do this before I got PlusSpec as its a timesaver in particular if the model gets amended the hatching/colours amend as well.

A tutorial on preparing the PlusSpec model for Layout is desperately needed. Setting up/ Amending your PlusSpec scenes for example as they’re not really that polished straight of the bat.

Good plugin overall and I can see with every week and update its getting better and better.

I await your feedback,

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the requirement for a tutorial demonstrating PlusSpec to Layout: We 100% agree. This will be coming shortly.


Been using your new components this week.
Wow, how good are these!!
So much fun and super easy to use. In particular the plumbing components!
I can’t wait to have sinks and cookers added to the kitchen list!

Well done to the PlusSpec crew!

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

We have thousands of 3d BIM models on our Rubysketch site that are also dynamic components, including sinks and cookers as you are after. Please go onto and you will find real products from real suppliers that you can use.

Thanks Matt :slight_smile: Glad your enjoying PlusSpec.