window install problem

HI there,

I’m not sure what this is, but the amount of time that I have to spend working out this kind of thing gets frustrating and way too time consuming.

Today it’s when trying to put a window or door into a wall, as I close the dialogue it jumps to another wall and opens the dialogue again. I have gotten a few in, but I don’t know what’s the difference. Can anyone offer something on that?



Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

Regarding the jumping wall issue you’re having, we recently added (v19.1) the ability to switch walls when drawing windows & doors by hovering over another wall and pressing SHIFT. It sounds to me as this might be what’s causing the issue you’re having.

Would you be able to please confirm if this is the case?

Hi There,

It does seem to be connected.  I'm still figuring it out but it does seem to help with that in mind.

Thanks! And good addition to the tool!


HI there,

Regarding this same issue, which I haven’t really had time to work on until now. I am finding that the wall switching is related to the function you are talking about, but it will switch (sometimes, but too often to be funny) as soon as I hover off of the window dialogue, resetting all my options in the process. Has anyone else found that? I can then switch back to the wall pressing shift, but have to go through all my window options again. This might not be such a big concern if I could alter a window after the fact, but as we know, I cannot…



Here’s another little update: It seems to be related to changing the window label. I can change the sizes (and other options), but changing the label seems to make it want to shift to another wall. One quick other test didn’t do the same thing on a solid wall. ??