Window in wall


I hope this email finds you well.

I just want to reach out and see if you could possibly help me with a question regarding walls.

I have attached a picture and the job file for you to get a reference from. Essentially, I am trying to create a wall that has unequal lengths and pitches. I can build them as 2 separate walls without any issues, however, if I do that, I am not able to add a window across the 2 walls. Is there a way to create this as one wall or is there a way to merge these two frames into one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks GrantH

The best thing to do is draw the base wall (with the window) as standard (flat top) and then add a Skillion left and Skillion right above the wall. If you are using PlusDesignBuild or PlusArhcitect, it is easier to use the “send walls to roof” or “send walls to face” function, as it will be quicker and more accurate; it will also work out the wall heights & roof pitches for you.

This is how to add a window under an unequal gable.

  1. Draw the base wall to the total wall desired length
  2. Draw a wall on top of the base wall finishing at the centre of the unequal gable
  3. Draw another wall on top of the base wall, starting at the centre of the gable and finishing at the end of the wall
  4. Right-click the right-hand wall>edit wall and change the wall height to the height of the wall required at the low end of the gable :bulb: NOTE: you will need to lower the header height to a measure lower than the wall height
  5. Choose the Skillion option from the wall shape drop-down. In the image below, I chose Skillion left
  6. Type in the pitch of the roof
  7. Click Submit
    Adding a window between a split wall or un equal gable roof in PlusSpec PlusArchitect and PlusDesinBuild.jpg

In PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect, you can select a wall and a face (or a Skillion roof), and Right Click the wall and project to wall to face or project wall to Roof.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Select the wall you wish to project to for or face (The space bar is the keyboard shortcut for selecting in SketchUp)
  2. Push Shift and select the or the face you wish to cut or project the wall to
  3. Right-click the wall (note both wall and face (or roof) will be selected)
  4. Hover the mouse over +WALLS
  5. Hover the mouse over +WALL Operations
  6. left click “Project Wall to Roof” (the roof must be a skillion roof) or select “project wall to Face.”
  7. Your wall will automatically be cut or projected at the height and pitch of the face or the Skillion/sloping roof.
    Porject wall to roof or project wall to face in PlusSpecs PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild.jpg