Window door - layer system

Hey guys, got one to think about.

I think we need to be able to set our frame depths not just frame widths of doors and windows. It is most important in plans / sections to be able to clearly represent [at what ever scale you’re using] the level of detail most appropriate. For example, at 1:100 a 35-40mm door leaf can be represented easily and clearly but a 22mm window frame shows as one mass… the same applies for glazing in windows; I’d like to be able to turn off the glazing so just my window frames [thickness] is visible. BTW, I like the ability to turn off door window hardware…

Your thoughts?

This should not be a problem, I will post when it is done. BTW the door hardware is already on a layer. If you like we can set it so it does not come out in plan view yet I thought that it would make it easier to see the direction of opening.
Also Andrew you can subscribe to a topic easily at the base of this page. This way you can get reminders.