window and door swing arrow

Hi there, it seems like the hinge/swing arrows for elevations aren’t aligning to the settings (in my case north American). They seem to be staying as the Australian default. This is a project made with the previous version of plusSpec, but new windows.

I’ll play around when I have time,


Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

If you go the the Settings Tool (go to ‘Extensions > PlusSpec > Settings’ or click the button at the bottom of the Job Tool) and change the option in the ‘Window & Door Elevation Symbol’ field you’ll be able to adjust the swing direction symbol for windows and doors. Please note that this needs to be set before windows/doors are drawn in the model, however if you change this setting then edit/update the existing windows/door they’ll update their symbol.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?

Hi Grant,

I had that setting set to what it should be (perhaps I should change it to what it isn’t supposed to be?) before the new version came out, and it still seems to be set that way, and have been drawing windows that aren’t shown right. I can’t say just now whether that applied to all windows and doors drawn…

And as far as editing to update, as I think you know, I am still dealing with it causing SketchUp to seize when I do that, so I don’t. I’d love to get that fixed as well…

Another thing I found was drawing a fixed window with highlite, it would only drawn it at the bottom, no matter what the setting was set to. Casement did not have the same problem…



Hi Dawson,

I’ve just had a further look into the window & door elevation symbol and there appears to be an error here. I’ve passed this on the development team to look into. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Would you be able to please let em now if you still get lag when using the latest version (v18.3)?

There appears to be an error with the highlite/lowlite for the Fixed Window. I’ll take this back to the development team to be fixed up. Thank you for also bringing this to our attention.