Window and Door Schedules


I have just watched the training video about window schedules. Typically i always elevate windows and doors in a project, what I have done in the past is create a component of each then save on the ground plane and set up a view of all the windows and doors. When they are amended they update automatically. Pluspec doesn’t allow me do this and the video doesn’t outline how this can be done…Is it possible?


Hi Stan, I am no Layout Genious, yet it is possible to create a clipping mask in Layout which enables you to make viewports that are models location-specific. These window viewports will update when you select update model reference. Making individual components for every window seems slow.
The quick instructions are:

  1. Insure your model Layer is unlocked
  2. Use any shape with a fill Eg rectangle and trace the elevation of the window
  3. Select the rectangle and push shift and select the Model viewport
  4. Right-click & select create clipping mask.
  5. Tip: It is best if you choose the W/D Sched scene in Sketchup in your layout Viewport (choose standard Views in Layout to change the orientation) before creating clipping masks on elevations as it is much quicker.

Personally, I like the Way Ian does it in his plans, it is quick and easy. Copy and paste this link into your browser