Where are we going with plusspec?

Hi guys,
We are currently at the infancy of PlusSpec, we have the resources and inspiration to get the entire spectrum of virtual building done. It wont be straight away but it will happen.
I am always interested in your thoughts or requests so feel free to give positive and negative feedback.

[size=150]What are we working on now?[/size]
We are currently working on improving the roof tool and I am looking forward to getting it to you guys soon.

Interior design
We have added textures to the internal walls. You will notice wall paper in the materials menu but we will soon have a library of drag and drop textures to make it easier to add some of the sexiest finishes to your designs.

Facility maintenance
We are throwing around ideas at the moment that will be used to create a schedule for maintenance according to the items selected in the building.

we have started a retaining wall tool

Energy analysis
I have attended several conferences and have been talking to some knowledgeable people. We have the means to do it and are looking at the most effective way to get the out put in a readable and usable fashion.

A material take off from the model can be done now and you will notice a number comes up in front of the tab at the top. I am not sure if you know but the number represents the Scheduled stage of the work. This can be changed in PlusSpec in the layering tab on every tool. Simply change the number according to job sequence. We have a fantastic way of simplifying the process and this will go a long way to increasing the 4D and 5D capabilities of PlusSpec.

There is much more coming so stay tuned.