When using Masonry walls - no need for timber heads!

Hey guys, You’ll notice that when you draw a wall in blockwork [say 200mm] and add a window your only option is to place a composite head to the lintel rather than just continuing blockwork over. When I choose ‘NONE’, I can submit those details because PlusSpec is asking me to choose a head.

See attached screenshot.

Andrew [utiler]

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the detailed post regarding this.

I’ve just tested this and was able to reproduce it - I’ll pass it onto the developers and notify you when it is resolved.



Daniel, has this been looked at yet? Still no option to select [none] for blockwork heads…

Hi Andrew,

This has been looked at. In certain wall types where timber frame and timber headers aren’t needed, the wall automatically picks up that that a frame and header isn’t needed and even if you select a timber it won’t appear in your wall. The same goes when quantifying, it also knows that the wall type doesn’t need a frame or header and no timber will show.

Being able to select none in the menu is still in progress and will be available before full release.

Thanks again, keep posting :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Thanks Dean, I just notice it with masonry blockwork that’s all…

Thats ok Andrew,

Keep posting :slight_smile:

Hi Dean, I notice structural heads are still required when building a block wall… when do you think it will be amended?