What did I do?

What did I do to my model that makes the slab no longer be recongised as a slab.

What I mean is - I have a room that is supposed to be a ramp going down to the basement car park so I want to make a void in my slab. I have watched the tutorials and it just says “right click on the slab → choose slab → choose void tools” type thing

but when I do that it doesnt give me those options

For example if I click on a wall and do that - I get the wall options Wall.png but if I click on the slab I dont get it Slab.png

I was going to upload my model but its too big so it wouldnt let me do it.

Any advice on what I did (and also how I can tell plusspec that its still a slab) would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jay,

Thanks for your post!

Hm, seems as though your slab may not be on the right tag.

Did you want to send through your model to emily@rubysketch.com and I’ll have a quick look for you to confirm?