What determines item Levels

Hi Plusspec, I hope I’m not suffering from domestic blindness.
I have a small question in regards to drawing items such as walls, slab item etc. I seem to have noticed when I draw items they seem to stay on the level of the PDF or DWG file that I’ve imported. But occasionally when I am drawing, some items seem to be placed on different levels and I find myself constantly having to move them and drag them down to match the existing level of the other items.

Could you possibly guide me to what I may be doing wrong, or is there a way to preset levels for items to be drawn on.

Regards Carlo

Hi Carlo,

Thank you for your post.

I believe the issue is that the current layer in the model isn’t on Layer0. If you change the current layer back to Layer0 it should fix the issue. To do this, click in the circle at the start of Layer0 and it should then have a black dot there (see image below for more details). It’s important to always have Layer0 as your current layer as that’s where all the base geometry will be put. Please note that you will probably need to either redraw or delete geometry in your model that’s been drawn before Layer0 was made the current layer.

Tick Layer0.png
Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?