What determines item Levels

Hello Plusspec, I trust I’m not experiencing domestic blindness.
I have a little inquiry concerning drawing things, for example, walls, chunk thing and so on. I appear to have seen when I attract things they appear to remain fair and square of the PDF or DWG document that I’ve imported. However, at times when I’m drawing, a few things appear to be put on various levels and I wind up continually moving them and drag them down to match the current level of different things.

Might you at any point potentially guide me to what I might be fouling up, or is there a way to preset levels for things to be drawn on.


Hi Nedite: What version are you using? If it’s PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild, I suspect the item draw is on a level. A level has a height associated with it. The reason you may find that some geometry is not at the expected height is because the “Assign levels as you draw” button is Active.
Why is geometry at an un expected height in PlusArchitect or PlusDesignbuild.jpg
Right-click the item that is not at the level or height you expect
Is that item on a level? If so, you can remove it from a level.

Other than that, all I can think of is you are drawing in 2D mode. (parallel projection Top-down) and referencing the top of an object. If this is the case you should use levels or orbit around the model and ensure your mouse pointer is at the correct height when you draw or place an object.
I hope that helps.