Web joists

I’m trying to use web joists and can’t find an option to do that. They are very common in the UK as they have longer spans and you can run services more easily without having to cut holes in the joists.
I assume this is something I would have to create. How would I go about doing this so they show up the same way as a normal joist in the takeoff tool?

Hi PCashCroft, you can specify Web Joists, the name is different, we call them floor trusses, but you can change that in the BOQ in PlusDesignBuild.
Web Joist estimation.jpg

You can change your joist type to floor truss as per the image below
Web Joist and Floor truss PlusSpec.jpg

How to change the name of any item or associate recipes with items in BOQ/Estimate/Joist Layout inside PlusDesignBuild.
renaming webjoist or any product in PlusDeisgnBuild.jpg

I created my floor joists a few different sizes at a time because i needed to modify them to 16" ILO 15"… I thought I could add the 3/4 or 23/32 subfloor after… I’ve tried everything and I cannot figure out how to add the subfloor to the floor trusses… Help?


Hi KJ, I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to ask or to do. My interpretation of the “subfloor” is the foundation walls that the joists rest upon. Is that what you are referring to? I this is the case use the wall tool. When you are creating joist with fractional sizes use the decimal equivalent Eg 3/4" =0.75 1/2" =0.5" 1/4" = 0.25"
I hope that helps, yet if you could take a screenshot it would be helpful for me to help you.

After reading again are you referring to a ceiling or insulation under the Joists? If so tick the “Include Ceiling” or “include Ceiling Insulation” check box. You can choose tht material required in the " Material selections and finishes" section. There are default materials in this section yet you can create your own materials and associate a thickness when you select the "Create Manage’ button under the material.

Hello, Thanks for responding.

No, here in the US, Subfloor is the 23/32" decking that goes on top of the floor joists, such as Advantech…