Walls, roofs, doors, arches

I have attached the house I started working on last week. Even though I had PlusSpec for a year - this past week is when I have started using it. I have gone through some of the video tutorials, but I need help.

Walls - I selected internal walls with 1/2" sheetrock on each side but when the walls are drawn there is no sheetrock on one side.

Roofs - need help in drawing a roof over the house and extending it over the front porch and back patio. -Jackson
House.skp (2.71 MB)

Hi Alyssa,

Regarding the issue with the walls, I’ve looked through the model & I didn’t see the issue. Every wall had sheetrock where it was intended (internal side for external walls & both sides of internal walls) when I used the See All Tool. However, if this tool isn’t available go to the Tag section of the Default Tray & tick the ‘26_INTERNAL_FINISHES’ tag/layer & the internal lining skins should appear. Note: By default, the sheetrock tag/layer is turned off so that walls can be aligned correctly & not at the outside of the internal lining.

Regarding the roof enquiry, there wasn’t enough info in the model to know what the design of the roof should look like so I can’t give accurate recommendations. However, when it comes to extending the roofs over different sections of the house, what should be done is either a) extending the face to the desired pitching point positions if using the Hip Roof Tool :roof-tool3:, OR b) drawing at the desired pitching points if using the Skillion/Shed Roof Tool :roof-tool: (I’d recommend still using a face to trace for complex roof designs).

Yes, the wall lining is there you need to use the scene tool.
There are a lot of things in the model that could be tidied up once you Turn the Drywall/Plasterboard on . E.g. “end of wall” See image below
Trim Cornice Crown moulding  wall clad Dry wall or Plasterboard on end of wall PlusDesignBuild PlusArchitect PlusSpec.jpg

The internal lining and cornice/crown moulding is in the model. The issue is the :scene-gen: Scene tool has not been used.

  1. Click Scene tool :scene-gen:
  2. Click the drop-down next to Scene/View Set and choose “all”
  3. Click submit
  4. You will notice that there are now scenes at the top of the Sketchup model.
  5. Click the “All” tab

One other thing that I noticed was the lumber used was actual instead of nominal .

When we talk about Nominal vs Actual, we refer to the materials’ size. This is particularly relevant to structure, such as the timer/lumber sizes.

In North America one of the most common lumber sizes is 2×4. So, you would think that when you draw a wall with 2×4, that the dimensions would be 2″ by 4″. Right? Well this is where Nominal vs Actual comes into play. You see, 2×4’s are not actually 2″ by 4″. When the board is first rough sawn from the log, it is a true 2×4, but the drying process and planing of the board actually reduce it to a finished 1.5×3.5 size.

So, 1.5″ by 3.5″ is the Actual size of a 2×4 piece of lumber.

However, many Architects and Designers have chosen to simplify things by drawing the frame at 2″ by 4″ in their plans – or they have been incorrectly taught that the lumber size is actually 2″ by 4″. This is called Nominal sizing – and we think that this is a big mistake!