Wall with sloping top like under a skillion roof

Hi, AusSketch You can do it inside the wall tool :wall-tool: , by choosing a Skillion or Gable wall. or you can do it manually using the :redefine-wall: tool. it is more accurate doing it inside the wall tool using raked or gable wall settings, here is the tutorial video youtu.be/toAA6jJMyME Or see instructions below:

Send walls to roof.jpg

This works on sloping rooves, so if you need a gable draw it twice with teh sloping/skillion roof tool.

Here are the steps

  1. draw multiple walls
  2. draw a sloping/ skillion roof over the walls
  3. Select both the walls and the roof
  4. Right-Click the walls and roof and select extend walls to roof
  5. Select if you want the cladding to go all the way to the roof or have it level.