Wall types ( Hebel / Precast concrete )


We are using Hebel or precast concrete panels for wall . Do you have plan to include them in your next updated ?


Hi Jethun,

We want to get every type of wall into PlusSpec so if you can contact your local manufacturer/supplier for any products you would like to see and use inside PlusSpec and get them to contact us then we can make sure that this can happen as soon as possible and potentially in the next update.

Thanks and kind regards

Hi Dean

Two tumbs up for lastest release of plusspec . I just successfully created Precast Sandwish panel and Hebel powepanel using create new wall type . I will tested on some of my job and let you know how to turn up.

Hi Jethtun,

That is great. We would love to see how it looks, so we cannot wait to see some pictures.

I think this would be a good example to show the community that with PlusSpec 2015 you can now create your own wall-types and materials to suit your country/region: your imagination is your only limit!.

Great work!

hi jethtun
how do you go about creating new custom wall types? is there a tutorial?
regards karite

Hi Karite,

Apologies for the tardy response to your post.

To see a tutorial on wall customization, please click the following link: youtube.com/watch?v=-fljeOK … mHmpL9yedP

Customization in PlusSpec is going from strength to strength. In our upcoming updates we will be releasing composite wall types.

We hope that you are enjoying using PlusSpec.