Wall type for Perth WA

I’m very new to PlusSpec although I have been documenting is SU for a few years now. The typical bespoke house in Perth is double brick, often using a maxi brick (actual size - 305x90x162), with hardwall plaster and white set on the internal face and a cement render on the external face. Is it possible to build this wall type in PlusSpec? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. RichardH

Hi Richard do you want to show a thickness to the render or do you simply want to quantify the render?
Who creates Maxi bricks is it Austral bricks?
Do you also use water proofing under the damp course?

Just so you know we created a composite material where you can add anything to a material, it is not public yet if you contact the office we can get you a beta version. :slight_smile: