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:wall-tool: Can we have 90mm Brickwork for W. Australia

This should already be done. I’ll get @Grant to make sure this is currently available.
Msnook, who is the major brick supplier in WA? Could you put us in contact with them? We will get you a full range.
How are you finding the software?

I sent all details of West Australia Bricks to Aryan 2 weeks ago. Midland Brick is the main manufacture in W.A. witch is part of the Boral Group.The software is brilliant and will save me a lot of time with take off and quant’s. Although it took some time to work out how to get Length size and units for a complete timber roof with rafters valleys hips & ridge. thanks Mike

I agree with msnook, and can confirm his statement regarding the main brick manufacturer. We use a lot of double brick (110mm exterior and 90mm interior), so I would also love to have this wall-type catered for.



How soon before we get 90mm brickwork

Hi MSnook

The 90mm Brickwork + Insulation is looking to be added today - It’s currently just being tested.

I will post here as soon as the new version is uploaded.



Hi Guys!

90mm Bricks have been added in the new version.

Download it here :slight_smile:




Thanks Dan for the 90mm Brickwork. Is there a work around to get the cement render’s on the external 90mm Brickwork. Thanks Mike

Hi Mike

We’re currently reviewing this - Currently all renders automatically use the 110mm Brick - I’ll have an update for you shortly!



Hi Guys, I know it sounds like a silly question yet I gather that you guys will want the option to render one side only and also both sides of the wall. I would think that two sides should come up as default and just turn one side off later.
We are also working on paint and finishes, yet it will be a little way off. In Sydney we also use acrylic render over the top of cement render. Do you guys do similar? For retaining walls I think a water proof membrane is required as well?
Do you guys have any textures that you would like added by default for future drawing?

Hi Andrew,

Speaking personally, the most helpful option would be to allow for the easy addition of custom options.

i agree we use allot of Midland Bricks in our projects. i would be great if we could get the in the drop down menu

cheers Daz

Hi Andrew
It sounds like we are similar to Sydney, so i think what you propose will be adequate For W.A.
Thanks again mike

Hi msnook,

We hope that you are still enjoying PlusSpec!

Did we have any luck getting Midland bricks range of textures added? would be handy as they such a large market share now.


Hi TruLine,

We’ve been compiling a list of material requests recently so I will add Midland bricks to the list :smiley: