Wall tool settings lost for selected walls

Wall tool setting lost.jpg


The Screen shot shows a wall i have selected to edit with the wall and window tools
The wall tool editor shows missing settings

I have tried a factory reset and sync but this did not repair.

do you have some suggestions on how to repair or what i have done to break it


i have also updated in the missing info but it doesn’t stick

Hi Jeffery,

I believe this is because you have gone back to a model that you drew in a very old version. Is this correct?

Back when PlusSpec was first started we did not have the backwards version compatibility that we have had since full release and PlusSpec 2015.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the reply Dean

Yes i did go backwards, but im sure most of the model was created in Plusspec 15
I may have copied some stuff in from an older Plusspec version into the new version.
My work around was to simply redraw affected walls.

Happy Holidays

Hi Jeff,

Yes that would be the best way as a work around.

Kind Regards