Wall tool missing geometry

Hello there to all you lovely people.

I have updated my version of PlusSpec and to my surprise and disappointment I seem to be missing half of my brick veneer geometry. Screenshot attached.

Has anybody else experienced this or are these gremlins just in my software?

Can anybody suggest a really quick fix?

Thanks so much in advance.


Hi Manuela,

Thank you for your post.

This normally happens when there isn’t a material selected as there are sections of the Wall Tool that use materials to set the sizes/thicknesses of the wall skins. There are two thing I would recommend to do, which are:

  1. Go to the ‘Materials, Selections & Finishes’ section of the Wall Tool dialog and make sure there’s a material selected for the outer skin of the wall (where the brick would be), then try to draw a wall again.

  2. Go to the Settings Tool (go to ‘Extensions > PlusSpec > Settings’) and make sure that the correct options are selected there, then use the Sync Tool (if any changes are made to the Settings Tool it should sync automatically when you press ‘Submit’). Please note that after doing this you may need to try ‘Option 1’ again. After doing this, try and draw a wall again.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?

Hi Manuela,
This will help you get started:
Adding a material to a multilayer wall in PlusSpec BIM for Sketchup.jpg