Wall Tool Help

The wall tool is without a doubt one of the most powerful features of PlusSpec and in PlusSpec 17 it has more functionality than ever before. If you are a beginner and you have not looked at the beginner tutorials you real need tohttp://plusspec.com/tutorials-beginner/ TIP: When the page opens you will see small videos at the bottom RHS of the video you will see a rectangle click it to maximise the tutorial.
Walls in PlusSpec architecture estimating building.jpg

Once you move past the basics you can get the walls to do some wonderful things. I talk with Architects, Builders, Engineers & Estimators every day, some love the fact that the structure and framing is automated and some really do not care. Remember: you don’t need to look at it for concept design yet someone will in some stage of the project: value engineering and buildability it is second to none. No one likes designing projects that will never be built due to cost, it wastes everyone’s time and money.

If you have any suggestions of you need more materials or manufacturers please let us know, who, what, when where and how. Our goal is to make PlusSpec the best 3D BIM VDC program ever.
structure for estimating or value engineering in BIM VDC.jpg