Wall Penetration Tool

Is there one? Similar to the slab penetration tool? Would like to make conduit penetrations in walls.



Currently we do not have a Wall Penetration Tool but it is a great suggestion. I have added this to our suggestions.

The way you could create a hole in the wall for conduit penetrations is to use the window tool and then delete the window.

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I see this post dates back to 2016. Does anyone know if a wall penetration or void tool is in the pipeline similar to what we can do with slabs and ceilings etc. It would be extremely helpfull.


Hi Stan,

Thank you for your post.

There’s currently nothing in the pipeline for a tool like this. However, I’ll forward it to the dev team for further discussion.

In the meantime & where applicable, I would recommend using the ‘None’ option in the Window Tool to create penetrations. Alternatively, you can also manually add the penetrations in the wall but they will be reverted if/when the wall is edited.

Yes, choose the shape you want to create inside the window tool and choose “none”
How to add a penetration through multilayer walls:

  1. Right click wall
  2. Choose + Window/door >Add window
  3. Select a square window Shape.
  4. Select "None on the bottom right
  5. choose the opening size
  6. Click submit
  7. click the location you want the penetration in the wall
  8. Type or click the width of the penetration
    Adding a penetration through a PlusSpec wall.jpg