Wall Finishes disappear when redefining wall


I have a custom ICF wall- which is a solid wall with an 2 1/2" exterior and Interior material in the wall tool. Each time i redefine or move a window i am loosing the interior finish. When i try to draw new walls it does not seem to take.

Is there a way to adjust the item or add this back in?

Also, on Sketch up 2023. Thanks -Sasha

Hi Sasha,

Thank you for your post.

When you’re redefining or moving the window are you moving it close to the end of the wall or does this happen in the model of the wall? The reason I ask this is because when a window is placed too close to the end of the wall it can cause some skins to not generate correctly.

If this isn’t the reason for the issue, can you please send a screenshot of before & after moving a window? Could you also please send the model to info@rubysketch.com so we can look into it further? Thanks.