I’m trying to put a timber wall covering around the window in the image below, whats the best way to do this? I drew a rectangle over the window but was unsure how to cut out the portion covering the window? Thanks.

Regards TeRina
wall coverings.png

Hi Terina,

There are many ways to do this and I have listed what I think is the easiest and best way.

  1. First draw your wall covering so that it is the height of the wall and lines up with one side of the window like shown below.

First Step.jpg

  1. Go all the way into your wall covering until all is blue, Once blue draw a line where the top left corner meets the timber covering. Check below.

Selecting and Drawing a Line.jpg

  1. Now repeat step 2 for the bottom left corner of the window.

  2. Push/Pull both wall coverings over to the right side of the wall. It should look like below.

Push-Pull Both Coverings Over To The End.jpg

  1. Now do the same as steps 2 and 3 but for the bottom right hand corner of the window.


  1. Once done now just Push/Pull the wall up to the other wall covering. It will now look like below.


Kind Regards

Thanks for the guide! Really useful thread!

Marius from vinyl wall coverings

Hi Marius,

Just letting you know that with our latest version there is now an even easier way to do this which will also remember the openings when you change the material. I’ve listed the steps below.

  1. Draw your wall surface/covering starting from the bottom right hand corner of the wall and going in a clockwise direction.
    Draw Wall Surface.jpg

  2. Right-click on the wall surface/covering and select ‘+ Wall Surface > Add Void’.
    Select Add Void.jpg

  3. Select the points around the window where the opening will be and then join the points back up to create the opening/void.
    Create Void.jpg