wall construction and drawing location

Hi There, Newbie here and still feeling my way around. I’m in Canada where our code is Metric, but we work in imperial…

Somethings that I am interested in and haven’t figured out yet have to do with wall construction and drawing: We build natural and alternative buildings like strawbale, light straw/clay and such. A fairly different wall construction than what I have found in PlusSpec. Is there a way to make say solid wall construction work for that?

Another spot is we sometimes base the house plan on a timber frame (traditional post and beam) where we start with that and build the walls around. It would be more convenient for me to be able to draw the walls from inside, not outside. Possible?

Thanks, looking forward to getting to know this addition to Sketchup!


Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

I’m not sure how it would need to be estimated, as I’m not an estimator, but what I would recommend to do is to use the ‘Solid Wall’ option in the Wall Tool and create a material (go to the ‘Materials, Selections & Finishes’ section and click ‘Create Material’) that looks like the end result of the wall construction you’re after, then change the thickness of the wall to suite in the PlusSpec window. In doing it this way the wall will be the correct width and look more accurate.

Yes it is possible to change where the wall is being drawn from and can be done by pressing the right-arrow on your keyboard. You’re able to do this for all the wall types and it will cycle through the different parts of the wall that you can draw from.

HI Again, That’s now much I have yet to figure out. I did figure out the “drawing from” part last night after sending that out, but I thank you for the response anyway. :slight_smile: As to the solid wall solution, that seems like it will work well enough for straw, the light straw/clay however (and even straw bale to some degree) does involve framing that would be great if it could be included.

I think I saw for scissor trusses a solution to build one manually with BIM info and place as need be. It seems to reason that I could build these wall depth studs with similar BIM info and that might work it in? I certainly haven’t delved into the estimating part yet, but that will come.

Thanks again!,


Hi Dawson,

Thank you for the suggestion regarding the straw bale and light straw/clay construction. I will take it back to the development team for further discussion.

To add the framing to the wall types above there are two way that I would recommend to do which are below.

  1. Draw the framing then use the BIM Tool to add the extra information to them so they can be estimated. This is similar to what you saw regarding scissor trusses.
  2. Use the ‘Internal Only’ option in the Wall Tool and only specify materials and change the values in the ‘Timbers’ section (change every other material to ‘None’). Please note that when you add a window, door or opening using this option you will need to do it to both walls (Solid and Internal walls).

Would you be able to please let me know if these work for you?

That sounds good Grant, I will do that, thanks! I’ll play around with that soon.

Another thing I am trying to figure out is a common wall say, 2x6 with drywall (and vapour barrier) inside, and plywood sheathing, tyvek, strapping, and wood (or other) siding. I would think that was an easy/common combination but can’t find wood siding anywhere. Of course I can make my own, but I would have thought there wold be something out there already. An extension of this would be a double framed wall with cavity. Blown cellulose filling the wall, same siding outside. An option to have the vapour barrier on the outside of the inner wall frame would be good. I guess this could be done with 2 separate walls?

And when it comes to windows (what little I have played with) Is there an easy way to specify mullions? Divided lites is a common need for looks in our heritage inspired area.

For me, specific product lines are not so important as to be able to customize an approach. To be able to specify how many layers in a wall, thicknesses, materials, etc. We actually try to stay away from manufactured products as much as possible. That may not be the market you are striving for but it is one that is out there…



Well I am just playing around trying to build a simple building. I’m at the roof. There is a class for metal but no samples of metal to be had, and it’s not letting me make my own. What am I missing? And what about asphalt shingles? A commonly (though undesirable) used roofing here (Canada). Would I have to customize a slate roof or something?

Guys, I’m trying to tell myself that this will be a good investment, but for the cost, I feel like there is alot of still having to figure out a way to make it work, or it not working. I am currently working with a little addon, that while a little clunky, and the company now defunct, only cost $100 and I still have it and it’s still doing alot. Not as much as yours of course, but it seems to be about making it work. I hope I can come to see that I didn’t jump on prematurely. There is some neat stuff for sure, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the cost…

Still playing,