Wall build question

Hi there,

A common wall type for me has a typical stud wall frame, but a thicker depth (filled with hempcrete, or other such things). I’m trying to figure out a way of drawing that that doesn’t mean making 2 walls and 2 sets of windows and doors. Do you have any thoughts on that? My latest was to just draw the stud wall and then manually move the interior finish and trim inward. That wasn’t too bad, but the trouble comes at the windows and doors, separating the various elements to the right depths of wall. In some cases (casing) it wouldn’t even let me. They would pop back in place. I’ve used the solid wall, but the stud frame is useful to see.

Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks!


Hi Dawson,

Thank you for your post.

I’m not sure what the desired result is meant to look like to be able to give any recommendations. Would you be able to please send an image or screenshot of the desired result?

For the windows & doors, I would recommend using the ‘None’ option Window & Door Tools to create the openings in each wall & then use the Custom Window & Door Tools to draw in the windows/doors. This will allow you to place the components whenever you like in the wall. For the casing, if either the internal or external side isn’t in the correct position I would recommend drawing the geometry & placing it on the correct tag/layer. There currently isn’t a way of adjusting the depth of reveals or position of the external casing but I’ll take it back to the dev team for further discussion.

Note: The window & door method recommended above can also be used to couple windows & doors together.

I would need to see an image of the wall type, as there are several ways to interpret what you are asking.

Hi again,

Sorry for not being clear. In this case I have a single stud frame to the exterior edge of wall, but thick insulation (hempcrete, straw) that is deeper than the studs. i have done this with a light framed wall and a solid wall, but have to make 2 sets of windows/doors. Better for quantifying, but laborious. In this one, I am doing it more with hatching. I have manually moved the interior wall finish and baseboard inwards to where they would be, and filled in the hatching, but the windows are tricky. It’s not bad, but also kind of fussy.

I guess I am wondering about an interior insulation thickness type option, or similar to a cavity option, but it could be good to be able to tally ft3, or ft2 does work too.

Just seeing if there’s an easier way!


wall thickness.jpg

Hi Dawson,

Thanks for the extra info & clarification. For now, overlaying the two walls & adding the double openings will still need to be done, however, I’ll take the wall type suggestion back to the dev team for further discussion.

Here’s a little tip that should save you some time. Try using the Solid Wall wall type (or another of your choice) & add the window & door components to this wall so that it goes the whole thickness of the wall & will adjust the geometry to suit. Then use the Internal Only wall type (change all materials to be “none” except for framing or where needed) & add a “none” opening for the windows & doors.

Hi Dawson, how do you install the internal lining to the hempcrete without battens? I assume it is rendered? I’ve always been interested in Hempcrete but I have never built with it.

Another method is to add a batten to the inner side of a wall; you could create a custom material and give it the thickness of the hempcrete. If you are using PlusdesignBuild, you would create a recipe to convert the lineal measure into a square measure for quantifying the hempcrete. Eg1 lineal metre of batten times the batten spacing will give a square measure. Or simply create recipes from the wall lining… I hope it helps