Wall assemblies

Hi I started exploring PlusSpec PlusArchitect. I have questions regarding walls, assemblies and stairs.
I am trying to create new walls assemblies with more layers but I don’t know how to do it. I have tried to look at all the videos available online but didn’t find anything about creating new walls assemblies. I am also trying to build U shaped stairs with three flights. Not sure how to create it. Is there a way to get help?

Thank you,

Hi, I have follow-up questions below,

1 - How can I create a new wall assembly?

I have tried for example to create:

  • A double stud wall (2x6) with two layers of gypsum board on each side for sound insulation.
  • A double studs wall with no cavity with OSB and Gypsum board on the interior and with OSB and Stucco on the exterior.

I have tried to use some of the existing walls on Plusspec to create the new walls, but I don’t see where there is an option to add layers.

Also, when I go on the material management tool online, it looks like products are called by the brand, I am wondering if there is an easy way to find the product by its generic name (Stucco for example)

2 - Stairs

I am trying to create the stairs below. It is a U shaped staircase, but the U shaped one on the options proposed by Plusspec doesn’t seem to allow to do this.

I am sure I will have more questions, but getting an answer on these two would be very helpful.

Thank you very much,
Screen Shot 2023-07-10.png

Hi Karim,

The wall types you mentioned can be created in PlusSpec but the double linings will need to be created as a material that is a combination of both material thicknesses, then double the amount that the BOQ comes to. For each of the “double thickness” materials, I would recommend creating a separate material for each variation to make it easier to keep track of in the takeoff. Tip: Walls can be saved as vignettes so that a similar wall can be created from each wall via the right-click menu (from right-click > create similar wall). This saves you time, especially for the wall types & settings you use a lot. The link below is a video that shows how to set this up.


Regarding the “material management tool” you mentioned, if you’re talking about the Public User Created Library (shown in the image below) you should be able to search for ‘stucco’ & anything with that word in the material name should appear.
Public User Created Library Location & Search.png

Currently, the U-shape stairs only have two flights of stairs. To create the three flights of stairs in a U-shape I would recommend creating two L-shape stairs & joining them together somewhere along the middle light of stairs. Alternatively, you can also create the stairs using SketchUp tools & then use the BIM Tool to add the estimation information for the BOQ.