Video: Creating Custom Timber Sizes....

Good Video, Andrew. Thanks for posting to YouTube

Do you have save your material to your PlusSpec account?
I assume this is done for ease of access to a common library.

Could you drag and drop a texture from your desktop into the PlusSpec dialog instead?

Hi John,

Thank you for watching the video.

Yes when you create your material it is automatically saved to your chosen library.

I am not exactly sure on what you mean by ‘PlusSpec Dialog’ but if you are talking about the ‘Create Material Dialog’ (Screen capture 1) than yes you can.
If you are talking about the dialog inside of SketchUp (screen capture 2) then no you can’t due to your not giving the texture any BIM or sizes.

Draging A Material Onto Create Material Dialog (Screen Capture 1).jpg

PlusSpec Dialog (Screen Capture 2).jpg

Kind Regards