Vertical Edges of an "Existing" PlusSpec wall is hidden

Is this intended?
I would think this could mess up the orthographic projection of Elevation views.

PlusSpec 1.3.36-release-master_usa
Windows 6
Vertical Edges of Existing Wall are hidden.skp (432 KB)


Yes this is intended and all walls (existing or new) have hidden edges at the end.

I will talk to the programmers about this and see what they think, with the wall having an effect on elevation views I can see where you are coming from.

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Hi John :smiley: This only happens if you draw the wall independently. If you select the 2 walls and right click and join, this will not appear like this. You may need to go back and remake the wall as existing. > right click >edit wall> existing
forum post existimg wall versus new walls.jpg

viewtopic.php?f=12&t=78&start=20 last post touches on this.

We could make it so an existing wall can be changed by the end user to suit their needs either hatch on top or colour. I think if we dictate a colour or hatch by default many drafts people may not like the style , colour or texture in the 2d Layout file.