Version inquiry and this forum

HI there,

I’m a fairly long time user and first off, when I came to this forum today, it automatically logged me in as someone else (generic user28). I should have an account already, but it won’t let me get to it. Am I missing something on this front? Was I supposed to do something to log into the new format?

And then also I am wondering if I have the right version of PlusSpec. I am primarily a designer but sometimes builder. I do like to be able to give a somewhat reliable accounting of the project. I have the original PlusSpec, and feel like some of the ability has been phased out of it, especially on the estimateing side. Can you advise me on this?



Hey Dawson,

Thank you for reaching out, by any chance the other login might be under your other email? I will need to double check and i’ll email you directly.

I would recommend looking into PlusDesignBuild which enables all of our features for estimating, take-offs, here is a Playlist that will give you more insights also for more info visit our website