Ventilation Ductwork and Plant

Hi Guys,
We use Plus Design Build (PDB) to create the building, flat etc to design layouts for ventilation installation.
This can range from single duct systems to full building supply & extract with heat recovery.
Currently, we use 3Skeng to create the duct runs that in turn create a list of components and quantities in a CSV format. From this, we manually add the individual costs in MS Excel.
Are we able to create duct runs, components, plant etc. in PDB? The benefit would be the ventilation elements would be part of the whole job within a single PDB BOM, the parts would auto-cost rather than having to update following changes manually.
I have tried the MEP tool, which is great at delivering a total length of the duct route but it does not quantify the bends, T’s.

If 3Skeng or something similar could be integrated or by an add-on to PDB it would make my life a lot easier :smiley:

Hope someone has an answer…

Skeng is a greatMEP tool Reme and that’s partly the reason we didn’t spend more time on our MEP tool. In short the PlusDesignBuild MEP tool draws and counts lengths but it doesn’t count bends or joins. It could buy nobody had been asking for it.
In sayng this 3Skeng does and I assume it associates IFC classifications and IDs to components?
If that’s the case The IFC takeoff in the custom estimate tool (red icon in the main toolbar) will report your items in the bill of quantities. There you can associate suppliers, prices and cost codes for purchasing or Xero accounting. Reme, Can you attach a snippet of a file [small example model] here? I’ll have a play and see if there’s something we can do. I know the guys at 3Skeng so i might reach out.