Various Suggestions

As I have been using plus specs there are a few things I have found which could be added/improved. See list below.
-Tool for doing baseboards four houses on stumps
-More wall tile options eg 100x300 brick format etc-I know you can manually edit this in sketchup but this is a longer process
-tool for balustrades-Would be good to have different options like timber posts and top rail with wire, stainless steel with wire, stainless steel and glass etc. Would also be good to have the tool be able to do stair balustrade as well as around decks.
-When doing decking the decking boards run in the same direction as the joists. Need to be able to change the direction without having to go in and edit the hatch as it does not seem to work properly with materials done in plus spec as the material remains the same shape
-With doors and windows would be good to have it so there is an option that automatically writes the door sizes on the plan. Would need to be able to turn this on and off and also have the option for each one whether to display height and width or just width
-Need bigger sizes for joists between floors such as 500mm height for ducted cooling allowance. I know it can be edited manually but this is time consuming
-Need more options for door styles both internal and external. Eg full glazed internal doors. Would be good to have a range of doors say from Hume Doors. It would make life so much easier so that different doors of the house could be different styles.

Hi PJScottHomes,

Thank you for suggestions. I have taken them back to the development team for further discussion.

A few of the things you suggested can be done with PlusSpec at the moment which I’ve put below.

  • More wall tiles: Instead of manually editing the textures in SketchUp you’re able to create materials by clicking on the ‘Create Material’ button where you want the material to appear and follow the steps. This way the material can be use multiple times and in other models.

  • Decking boards : If you create a decking material with the direction of the decking running horizontally then the joist direction will work.

  • Larger joist sizes: If you are needing larger joist sizes then I’d recommend creating materials to suit the sizes that you’re after.

I have a few questions and answers that will make it easier for me to respond, I have answered in line

Baseboard? I assume you are talking about a board at the base of a clad wall? 200x35 or similar like a starter board? Or are you talking about lowering the base of the cladding to to cover your bearers and joist? If this is the case you can simply go to your wall tool and select set down in the Manual Overrides section at the bottom of the wall tool. You can lso create a material in the starter strip to get the quantities easier.

We have a tool that we have been working on for some time , it is brilliant yet we do not have every variation in as yet. It should be in the PlusSPec 2017 version which will come free to every subscription user.

Thanks for pointing this out, it is being fixed as I type, all you need to do is click the Sync button this afternoon.

You can do this in Layout in Sketchup pro, if you take a screenshot of how you would like it to appear we will consider it.

As far as I am aware 300mm is the largest solid joist you can buy which is usually adequate to get ducting and plumbing slop without a bulkhead. LVL comes in larger sizes and I think floor trusses do. If you are doing a second floor extension then the best way to allow for Ac ducting ETC, is to leave the existing ceiling and joists in, add a stringer to the ceiling joist that will not span and then build a nib wall on top of the existing walls. Then select and add the appropriate size joist to suite yro existing load bearing walls. The nib wall creates the cavity, other than that you can create your own custom joist sizes.
BTW floor trusses and metal joists will lbe in the next version along with C section purlins.

Can you contact your rep from both companies and have them call us, I get this question emailed to me at least once a week. I have contacted both companies and they kind of brush me off. I think they need to hear it from you guys. It will save the industry a lot of repetitious work if all manufacturers were as good as Austral, Stramit, Taubmans, Dincel, Weathertex etc etc. these guys care about industry and are godo forward thinkers. If the rest of the manufacturers simply knew how much time and money it would save you guys they would do it.

The same goes with ceramic tile suppliers and flooring companies, even joists and steel. I spoke with OneSteel and they looked at me with a puzzled face. The answer ended up being a no, yet if you all go and tell them maybe then they will believe me. There are some real advantages for manufacturers as well, every PlusSpec and RubYSketch user can specify their product accurately with the right item codes and there is well over 5000 registered users and more every day. We can add in item codes costs and actual location that they distribute their products. Imagine having all of your prices in according to manufacturer’s actuals? We are working on it.

Thanks for asking the questions, I will get back to you as soon as I have read your response.

BTW. PlusSpec made my construction company more profitable to the tune of 15% NET on top of what I was making. I am looking forward to hearing similar stories from you guys. Stick with it or contact the office and book a time to get some training. I will show you how to charge for a quote. It is great and you will never spend more than one hour quoting for free again.