usa version

I hope you are working on a more specific USA version that conforms to our types of building and methods and components
I understand there are many differences between countries uncluding codes agian if yiu plan on knocking on Revits Door you must have an understanding of what revit and datacad can already do ps Im not a fan of revit but the truth is we use it because it can easily produce very high quality construction docs as well as Datacad aling with sketchup of course

Hi Steven,

Our goal is to obtain products from suppliers from every region and country. For PlusSpec 2015 we focused on ‘Customization’, which was the biggest request that we received from our Beta users. In PlusSpec 2015, you can now create any wall-type, material-type and customize structural framing. With this, you can create your own library of products. This gives you total design freedom to create whatever you want. Your imagination is your only limit. Moreover, once you have done it once, you will be amazed at how quickly you can create new wall-types and materials. See the basic tutorial here: … Ij-IG3rV0L

We will be creating a more in-depth demonstration shortly.