US version update?

I have been following PlusSpec for a bit now. I thought I saw something about a US version recently released but the PlusSpec website is vague on this and any trial offer. Can you provide any updates on the US version? Many thanks.


We do have a US version of PlusSpec. After purchasing PlusSpec you will have the option to download the AUS or US version.

We have had the full release of the US version for approx 5 months now. If you want to know anymore information about the top 5 questions, you can find out more in this video .

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How do I download the US version? And can i switch over to the US version from the metric (Aus) version I already installed?


Hi Derrick,

You sure can!

Simply go to the Job Tool :job-tool: Scroll Down to Settings and click the blue “Set” Button. Then change your Material Library location to “United States”. You may also want to change your Takeoff and Dialog units. Click “Submit” and your material library will begin Syncing.

After the Sync has finished, close the dialog and head up to the top of your screen and go Extensions > PlusSpec > Restore Factory Default and Select Yes for “Default Options”. This will ensure you don’t get any odd conversions.

One other thing to note, make sure the SketchUp template you are using is in your preferred unit of measurement.

Hope this helps!

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