US Version, SUPro 2014, Material assignment to Layers/Scenes

PlusSpec 1.3.27

Per the attached, I think some of the materials are being wrongly assigned to the correct layer and/or scene.

In this case, the Internal scene includes the visibility of the HardiPlank material which is on the exterior to the wall.

Scenes__ Genrerate Scenes-Choose ALL-Select the INTERNAL Scene.skp (328 KB)

Hi John,

Thankyou for your post.

For your first question, there has been an error with the internal scene and we are currently working on it now and there will be a fix soon. The external material should not be shown when on the internal scene, it should only be happening for that wall type.

For question two, all internal walls should be shown. for external walls in your case the out side material (HardiPlank) should be hidden and not be showing but the rest of the wall should be displayed when using the internal scene.

For your answer to question 3, when you edit the wall and change the termite barrier to none it should work on the first go. I haven’t had that problem and neither has a few of the other guys but we will have a look at it anyway and let you know if there is a problem. Has it happened to you many times ? if so with what wall types?

Thanks again for your post John,
Hopefully these were the answers you were after.

Kind Regards

This was the first thing I tried after downloading the new US version.

Most testing I did was with 2x6 Lumber Structure (note, in the dropdown list it is indicated as “AU/AZ Stud Timber”; are AS/NZ lumber sizes the same as the US’s?).

I see other similar problems with materials such as Tyvek. If pick not to be used, that setting does not stay when the wall is edited after it is initially created.

Perhaps this only happen in the US version?

Hi John,

Thankyou for bringing this to our attention. I have spoken to the developers about this and where it says “AU/NZ Stud Timber” this will soon change to suit the version that has been downloaded by the user. For you it will say US Lumber or something close to that. Im not sure when this will be updated but I assume that it will be in the next PlusSpec update.

With the Tyvek do you mean when you edit the wall and change the properties to none and then click on submit that it doesn’t remove the Tyvek from the wall? Or do you mean after you have done that stage, when you draw your next wall you have to click back in and press none again?
I tried this and it worked.I edited the wall using the none attribute but when I drew my next wall I had to change it to none again.

Kind Regards Dean

I believe , the “none” state could not be maintained in the wall properties dialog; not when used to create new walls nor when editing an existing wall.

I am currently not on a computer with plusspec installed, but I will try to verify later on.